A Whole New Life - Amy Longworth

Julia Clementson

The current COVID-19 pandemic is the turning point for many people, but for Amy Longworth, it gave her the motivation and time to embark on her lifelong dreams. She’s always been passionate about writing, and to her own admission, it’s one of the few things she considers herself good at. In just two weeks, she became a self-published author – an impressive feat regardless of the circumstances.

Her new book, Apocalypse Noun, started as therapeutic journaling for her. “… I actually fell into writing my memoir by accident. At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was laid off from my former job, at which point I started journalling again. As I began, I started to weave together some excerpts from old journals of mine into a new document, and ultimately what I ended up with is a portrait of myself in text that, once complete, I simply couldn’t ignore. “ she notes. Her work is one of the first pieces of literature to take place during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Longworth’s book is brought to life with her unique voice and unique experiences. It even focuses her biggest mistake, not following her dreams, “After I graduated college, instead of embarking on my own career path (I wanted to run creative writing courses as a means of therapy for people), I got married to my college sweetheart — which involved a transatlantic move,” she mentioned. Just four years after, divorce followed and she found herself with little career and experience. Navigating life on her own has led her to become a stronger person with more stories to tell.


Right now, she’s devoted to promoting her book, and she also has an Instagram series dedicated to the process. Aptly titled “Self-publishing: A Saga” the series picks up right where the book finished, chronicling her thoughts on self-publishing and other things. You may even catch glimpses of her beloved pets Max, an awkward cat, and Sonny, a mischievous dog. Even in the book, they play key roles.

For the moment, Longworth is preoccupied with getting her message across and taking on freelance work. In her words, she’s “wildly passionate about this book because it captures the essence of the pain and isolation from the outset of the pandemic in real-time. The parallels between wartime and this new, strange fight that we’re fighting are (I believe) very powerful — but also, at the end of it, it sends a message of solidarity and hope for the future that I think people could probably take some value and/or comfort in, at a scary time like this.”

Her journey has only begun and she even hopes to pitch her book to one of the “Big 5” publishing houses. Eventually, she’ll get around to new writing projects. Her current book can be found on Amazon and you can learn more about her on her website.

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