About Azura

We are driven by content for over five years. Azura fixates on creating content that should enrich career-focused individuals. As the population increases, so does the demand for alternative media in the region. We are here to provide that.

A business lifestyle magazine should not only cater to the entrepreneurial side of life. The magazine is divided into five (5) categories: business, balance, creativity, marketing, and strategy. Each category features content that should provide “food for thought” in all aspects of life.

What makes Azura unique is its perspective on subjects of interest and our emerging digital subculture.

This magazine was made for career-focused millennials and Gen Zers. Our readers are around the ages of 18-35 years old and they are looking to feed their entrepreneurial spirit and create a work-life balance.

With a push for entrepreneurship and independent businesses in the region, we create a hub for career-minded individuals where they can explore productive materials. Our aim is to foster a culture of business.

desk with lens, mouse and phone

The Culture of Business

Where the culture of a society is the way of life: music, food, philosophy, etc., the culture of a business is the manner of operation, entrepreneurial spirit, philosophy, and support. By nurturing these elements, a better environment for development will be curated.

Everchanging Media

Media today is not what it was 20 years ago, 5 years ago, or even 2 years ago. It has evolved since its conception and it will continue to do so. Right now, we have seen the popularity of “fast media” which has changed our perception of content.

Fast Media

Fast media is exactly what it sounds like. The onslaught of this meant that whoever puts information out there must do so at a rapid rate.

Media-on-demand has become a staple in our lives since the start of the internet. Now with the heavy prevalence of social media, we can see the effects are more pronounced. Publications have a hard time creating valuable stories because trends are seasonal.

We do not chase trends; we build stories.

Relevant content does not need to follow fads. Relevant content is timeless and should set a standard, not helplessly follow trends.

Become More

These are not relegated to only being print serial publications. Magazines are supposed to be engaging. Digital magazines have become more prominent in recent years. Digital magazines aren’t uncommon either, but unfortunately, they have a high fatality rate.

As much as there are many new publications that enjoy the attention of getting past the first issue, many do not follow a model that guarantees longevity. 

The demand for specific types of content changes with the progression of the audience. With the current fixation on social media, it is only logical to look towards it as a way of keeping your audience engaged. Azura is more than a magazine ­— it is a digital playground of ideas.