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Are You A Self-Saboteur?

Are you addicted to building a business or are you just afraid of successful? The latter sounds silly because who doesn’t want to be successful, right? Success is power. It’s the attainment of our …


Client Communication Made Easy

There comes a time in every freelancer’s career when clients become difficult to work with. It doesn’t matter if you are new to work or if you’ve been around the block, dealing with complex client …


Procrastination & Productivity

Why do we wait until the last minute? Nothing hampers your productivity like not doing what you intend to do. As it turns out, procrastination is rooted in the same things that make up productive. We …


Stop Focusing On Your Competitors

Is business really a competition? If so, what do you get from participating and how exactly do you win. You need to ask yourself if you are putting too much energy into your competitors. This takes …


The Structure Of A Funnel

When you understand the basic structure of a funnel, you understand the purpose for all of its parts. When these parts are assembled to create a machine, you will see results. Understanding your …


Time Is Money

Working as a freelancer in the gig economy has allowed many to find independence they were not afforded with a traditional nine-to-five. It gives freelancers the opportunity to take full control over …


What Do You Want To Sell?

Are you trying to publish a stylish website or sell your flagship products? Do you want your copywriting to take center stage or do you want to your visual brand to do all the talking? People say …


This Is How Your Website Sells

So your website looks good, but how does it sound? The right kind of copywriting masterfully tells a story that takes your audience from getting to know you to buying your product and living happily …


Building A Team

It is the responsibility of a strong leader to push team members to be their best. Building a team starts with curating the right minds. This includes the selection and developing these individuals to …