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Building A Team

It is the responsibility of a strong leader to push team members to be their best. Building a team starts with curating the right minds. This includes the selection and developing these individuals to …


Content Writing Vs. Copywriting

There seems to be a lot of chatter and confusion about content marketing and copywriting. As anyone has the right to question the efficiency and contract of what they are, this all leads back to the …


Diversifying Your Business

The general population never truly has financial security when they depend on one source of income. Economic shakeups and unforeseen events can cause hardships when external factors cause a source to …


Documentaries Are The New Blogs

What do books, blogs & social media have in common? They are platforms for publishing, but right now video has taken over in another format: documentaries. A number of Netflix and independent …


How To Stop Lying & Make Money

Puffery. That’s the name of the game when you want to make a splash. Online ads are rife with companies peacocking for a potential sale. Products are touted about as the best thing since sliced bread. …


Humans Under Construction

Personal development is always a priority for anyone who wants to improve their lives, but perhaps the practical nature of it has become muddied, It’s difficult between skill-building, self-care, …


Market Research Is King

Wherever you go online, you’ll see “content is king” splashed over articles glorifying content marketing. Indeed, the notion of “giving value” as trade-off to acquire leads is not lost (and it’s very …


Starting Small

Mass-produced products are great for large companies and their many consumers, but for those who want something that is a little more unique, indie companies and smaller brands can give unique …


Templates And Formulas

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a set template to achieve all of your goals? Looking for shortcuts and quick fixes is commonplace, but often not a good idea. In business, or in your career, your practice …