Brand building and content creation are two lines that frequently intersect, and they move in the same direction. Brand building is all about creating a reputation that makes your business more recognizable, visible, and trustworthy to customers. The goal is to retain the current base and encourage new customers. Content marketing has become popular with the rise of social media platforms that encourage the frequent publishing of content. However, as social media trends change, and demographics make their adjustment, how has content changed? How will that affect your marketing? What is the future of content? We predict that brands are going to need to be more human and more humane.

It is no secret that video has been the front-runner for social media. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Instagram, and others allow content creators to easily publish videos on their platforms. Live videos have become extremely popular because they introduce the element of FOMO (fear of missing out) because of the ability of viewers to connect and chat live with the video subjects. Platforms like TikTok have built-in editing tools that make video production even easier for those who were intimidated by the process.

books on desk the future of content

Does this mean that putting your content in motion is the best idea to get noticed? Not necessarily. While top-performing posts and content may be video, it is also important to understand why video content works and how to use video content. Videos, whether long or short, need to keep the viewers engaged at all times. If a blog post becomes long and drawn out, readers can quickly scan past that part and skip to the end without missing the gist of the content. With videos, skipping forward can mean losing out on context. With live videos, viewers won’t be tempted to stay for awkward silences and rambling. Content always needs to be concise.

Long videos have the advantage of being able to connect with visual aid and spoken word (to help make content more relatable and informative), but inexperienced content creators may use this as a means of dragging out information with padding. Unfortunately, social media will see a rise in content like this. Fortunately, consumers will not gravitate toward that type of content, which should signal an early demise for businesses that try to employ this technique.

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Written content will still be the focus for many businesses. Written language is still the primary way we communicate, and good language is the pillar for good content. A strong emphasis on copywriting will be what defines a brand’s messaging because striking visuals are becoming much easier to achieve. Visuals will be used to attract attention, but content will be the definitive trait that holds attention. To create a well-rounded content marketing strategy, using different media will be the best thing for businesses.

Launching content shouldn’t be following a long and drawn-out formula. With the prominence of short-form content being blasted on platforms, content that stands out won’t just pander to the short attention spans of users. It will have to cut through with messaging that resonates. The only way to do that is to have a clear understanding of the target and its goals.