What’s A Good Marketing Strategy?

You are doing too much at once. You are here there and everywhere. You are trendy, not timeless. What does it stake to create a good marketing strategy?

A good marketing strategy is defined by the results, but more than that, a marketing strategy has many components that help it to garner the desired results. From targeting to lead generation, a marketing strategy can be sophisticated or simple; it truly depends on several factors determined by the business. Many on concerned about what is the perfect marketing strategy, but really, that depends on you.

Marketing is supposed to satisfy many goals like raising brand awareness, producing high-quality leads, and increasing brand value. These things all have one thing in common: people. Or rather, building connections to people, more specifically, the right people. A business that speaks to everyone is likely not speaking to anyone.

No one can satisfy everyone so it is unrealistic for a business to penetrate every demographic in their industry. Realistically, every business has a very specific type of customer who might intersect with another competing business, which means there is a steady contest to win attention.

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A good marketing strategy will start with outlining who is the ideal target. This is not creating a rough profile about who you’d like to see make a purchase, but rather a detailed list based on the data you gather. Look at past customers, the target demographics of competing companies, and data from your industry. Ask yourself the common sense question of who is likely to buy what you are selling.

With a target in mind, you can get your bow and arrow. Find the right materials and methods of connecting with your target. In most cases, this is a combination of social media, email, and other media. This is where some businesses have a weak footing: they aren’t sure where their ideal target will be. Many are scared to go on popular platforms because of oversaturation but are hesitant to start on newer ones because of the lower audience reach.

Truth be told, every market and sector is oversaturated. More businesses are starting and the world population is still growing. There is more competition because there is growing demand. Also, smaller platforms have an undiluted reach that can be tapped into if a strategy allows it.

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Look at where your target would be. Think bout the age group, mode of communication, and what messages would resonate. A good marketing strategy works when it plays to your strengths and covers the ground to reach your target. If your target loves video, but your strengths lie with copywriting, then employing short text or verbal cues in videos can help you do both. In all cases, marketing should be handled like an experiment. There is ongoing testing and modifications made before the results are achieved.

Now, you can take your aim. With all of the fine details sorted, you should start testing content and platforms. Once you have hit your target, your marketing efforts don’t stop. This is where you amplify what is working for you. Keep your quiver stocked and take your aim again. The goal is to hit your target as often as possible. Good marketing is successful when it meets its goal repeatedly.