Why Running Away Isn’t The Best Solution

How quickly can you run away from your problems? How often do you find yourself going off in the opposite direction? Running away from our problems (things that challenge us won’t help us. When we ignore the obstacles in our path, we only hold ourselves back.

Detachment is one of the main reasons why we run away from our problems. Sometimes it’s a physical one. Feeling stuck in one place is a reason to relocate. Some who choose a nomadic lifestyle use it as a scapegoat to isolate and insulate themselves from what they are too afraid to confront.

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It could also manifest as emotional detachment. Mentally drifting away from people that were close to you once you’ve hit a bump in the road isn’t the best course of action. It is a defensive trait that is supposed to make us incapable of being vulnerable. The worst thing in the world is being hurt, isn’t it? That is why we create this insulation, a bubble, that protects us from the things we do not want to experience.

Truly, it’s a form of self-sabotage. Instead of taking a risk, you avoid it completely. Whatever hides in the shadows will eventually come to light. It is better to deal with these issues sooner rather than later. The possibility of failure cripples you. Getting over that fear of failure is not easy, but the longer you grapple with it the harder it is to defeat.

It takes a lot of dedication and an honest desire for improvement. Without that, you will continue to lose what you have. It starts by taking small steps to get what you really want. You have to look within to know what’s really eating at you. The confrontation you will experience might not be between you and others; it may very well be an internal conflict.

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This type of confrontation often leads to a resolution. It might be a turbulent process, but in the end it will be worth it. The many conflicts that you face won’t always have a clear resolution. It is odd to say that you have to embrace suffering, but it is only temporary. Whatever anguish you experience will fade. It is up to you to move on. You might even find that your fears, like most emotional responses, are irrational. Running from your problems won’t remove them. They will catch up to you.

Concentrating on the opportunities that will be available after facing your problems is one way to motivate yourself. This is the opposite of what you are doing. The fear of failure is driven by being the negative consequences. Flipping your thinking by putting your focus on the positives can drastically change your attitude towards your goals.