Being Truthful

Francis King

Deceitful marketing and sales strategies to avoid. Why is lying bad, even if you can get away with it?

Marketing, in the eyes of some consumers, is just a way for corporations to flood the online and offline media with lies about their products. It seems as though there might be a growing distrust between consumers and companies. It can seem as though all, if not most, marketing efforts can be seen as some form of negative manipulation. It’s all an effort to make money, exploiting the intended audience. Why? Deceitful marketing has left a bad taste in the mouths of consumers. New businesses need to determine if their efforts are hurting them or harming them.

The thing is that many small businesses are not fully aware of what are good marketing practices. In most cases, small businesses and startups are following what they see in the business ecosystem without thinking about what ethical standards they should follow. They might not think they are being somewhat deceitful or misleading.


Promoting a service or product using inflated results or vague descriptions of results is a tactic that companies use to drive a sale. Sometimes, it’s done because the company does have the expertise to deliver its message effectively. However, consumers are more inclined to lump unintentionally misleading tactics with intentional manipulation.

It’s a bit tricky to spot this lie since you have no way to really know the percentages. And you shouldn’t blindly trust negative reviews you find online since some people would rather blame a product for the lack of results instead of themselves for being too lazy to really use it.

Instead, keep an eye on how marketers describe the product and the results. What claims do they make? Do they say, “this product will create” as opposed to “this product helps you create” when describing the results?

If they refer to you as the ultimate source of results, at least they’re providing a realistic picture of what a product can do.

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