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Digital Brand Assets

An online presence is important for any person or business. Not having one is akin to not existing. In the digital-sphere, this comes in two forms; social networks and websites.

Social media is free and personal, even businesses can benefit from having accounts that show the human side of their operations. With a multitude of businesses on social networks, especially Facebook, it might seem as though websites are becoming obsolete.

With a shift for businesses to create niche content marketing campaigns, social media has taken the forefront. Keeping a well-connected social media profile allows you to connect to your audience directly.

Content is one of the biggest problems faced by those with a professional background. Most struggle in finding the balance between personal and professional, and as a result, their social presence becomes muddled.

Websites are only used as a way to get a specific action from the audience, such as, buying a product or booking a service. Informing and educating your audience is something shared across both platforms.

Websites, especially blogs are a common source of online monetization. With the rise of influencers, advertisers are more willing to put their money behind personalities with a high following on social media.

Ad programs like Google AdSense only generate high revenue for high-traffic sites, so newer ones do not reap the benefits of a niche audience from that. Besides, not all businesses can benefit from have other businesses and media being promoted on their own site.

What does this mean for websites now? Are they going extinct or do they need to redefine their purpose? Investing in a highly responsive and user-friendly interface is a good start, but there is still a long way to go.

Social media’s effectiveness comes from its integration into our daily lives. You have to ask yourself, “How can my business be beneficial to my audience’s daily life?”

That is not an easy question to answer, but it is a crucial step to getting your business out there. Keeping an active online presence is more than having an appealing website. Like any physical property, your online real estate needs to be maintained. Keeping up the optics is important, but constant improvement will benefit the owners. This is your virtual home.

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