Julia Clementson

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Expertise Isn't Fiction

No one is an expert at anything because there is always more to learn. That’s the norm with most tasks; it certainly is that way with business. Yet many who endeavor to start their own ventures, and …


Your Business Succeeds When You Do

Invest in your personal growth and your business will too. Not coaching that makes you think you feel good, but coaching and programs that help you get things done. Track your resources and know where …


Bad Ads - Promotional Tactics You Shouldn't Use

Ads are everywhere. They are on every social media platform and now that everyone is focusing on moving their business online, ads will only become more rampant. Online ad strategies will need to be …


Talk Is Cheap... Right?

Sales calls are getting much more popular. Fortunately, virtual meetings can help ease the tension when preparing for an important sales pitch. Meeting virtually still offers the safety of distance …


The Dangers of Rebranding

What does rebranding do for you? It’s a reset button for your brand. That also means starting over. Your audience isn’t the same anymore. Rebranding or pivoting is usually the first thought that …


The Future Of Content

Brand building and content creation are two lines that frequently intersect, and they move in the same direction. Brand building is all about creating a reputation that makes your business more …


Your Main Messaging

Do you remember the Nike slogan? Or what about your neighbourhood grocery store? The chances are that brands you are familiar with have something about their messaging that resonates with you. It …


Are You A Self-Saboteur?

Are you addicted to building a business or are you just afraid of successful? The latter sounds silly because who doesn’t want to be successful, right? Success is power. It’s the attainment of our …


The Structure Of A Funnel

When you understand the basic structure of a funnel, you understand the purpose for all of its parts. When these parts are assembled to create a machine, you will see results. Understanding your …