Julia Clementson

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Your Main Messaging

Do you remember the Nike slogan? Or what about your neighbourhood grocery store? The chances are that brands you are familiar with have something about their messaging that resonates with you. It …


Are You A Self-Saboteur?

Are you addicted to building a business or are you just afraid of successful? The latter sounds silly because who doesn’t want to be successful, right? Success is power. It’s the attainment of our …


The Structure Of A Funnel

When you understand the basic structure of a funnel, you understand the purpose for all of its parts. When these parts are assembled to create a machine, you will see results. Understanding your …


This Is How Your Website Sells

So your website looks good, but how does it sound? The right kind of copywriting masterfully tells a story that takes your audience from getting to know you to buying your product and living happily …


Market Research Is King

Wherever you go online, you’ll see “content is king” splashed over articles glorifying content marketing. Indeed, the notion of “giving value” as a trade-off to acquire leads is not lost (and it’s …


Creating An Editorial Structure

Content needs a structure to have a cohesive presentation. What good is anything if it is out of order or out of context? Businesses that have an online presence are no stranger to using …


How To Automate Like A Human

Automation is at the forefront of email marketing. It takes a great strategy to humanize what has been replaced with convenient technology. Businesses need to look at consistent communication that …


A Whole New Life - Amy Longworth

The current COVID-19 pandemic is the turning point for many people, but for Amy Longworth, it gave her the motivation and time to embark on her lifelong dreams. She’s always been passionate about …



Invention, and creation as a whole, is a special thing. For most, it comes from a place of necessity. There is no one way to form ideas because everyone is different and has a unique view of the …