Julia Clementson

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Nurtured Environment

If something — anything — is to flourish, it must be fed with all the things that able its growth. A garden will never become fruitful without nourishment from the soil. Roots are firmly placed where …


Perfect Little Lies

What does it mean to have the perfect balance between engaging advertising and pedalling untrue statements? There seems to be a grey area where purposeful vague statements are placed in advertising …


Building Blocks

In Japan, honne and tatamae are principles that can explain your behaviours and thoughts. Honne would be your true thoughts and sense of self, while tatamae are the social facades that put up for a …


Where Is Time?

Time cannot be found in a physical place, it is intangible but accessible to all. Nothing is set in stone, not even time. With the clock always ticking, it is gruelling to add finality to some aspects …


Growing - Dr Sevanie Williams-Ramoda

Growth is an inevitable part of life. For Dr Sevanie Williams-Romoda, it might be more of a mantra — she is trying to grow her startup which focuses on a product that promotes hair growth. This isn’t …


Help! I've Fallen!

Some people are useless, that’s how we see them, right? Or maybe that’s how they see themselves. You can be your own worst enemy and it’s not a good position to stay in. Growth can’t be fostered if …


Rethinking Yourself

When you find yourself stuck in a mental space, then it is time to take some time to look at yourself. You can’t really change who you are. Your core, which is the truest form of yourself, is …


Financial Transitioning

Our lives are run by money. It is true that money makes the world go ‘round as you can’t do much without it. When you have too little, you find yourself stagnated, but when you have too much — can you …


Survial Of The Fittest- Naledi Sesyini

Naledi Sesinyi isn’t just a personal trainer, she takes the title to a whole new level with her new approach. Rather than changing the core of who you are, she wants to help you build a better version …