Julia Clementson

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Oceans Apart

New technology has left us feeling more connected and more alone. The ability and ease to connect with someone do not necessarily grant us the urge to do so. There seems to be a cloud of controversy …


The Bright Side-Kerece Aziz

Kerece Aziz is impossibly modest when it comes to her work. Conversations with her only show off her bubbly personality and her willingness to help. She’s just about to graduate with her Masters in …


Books Vs. Blogs

Books are antiquated as they have a long history with civilization. Yet, they have stood the test of time. Even with the development of newer media, books have evolved and currently remain a fixture …



The truth as we see it might be different from that of another person. If that is true, then how do we know what is factual? In media, we see careful concoctions of phrases that create ambiguity. At …


The Structure Of Language

Language is more than just a tool of communication; it is a profound way of expression. Effective language sounds fluid, but has a structure to cling to. A structure doesn’t need to be rigid, …


The Art Of Storytelling

Sitting down to write just hours before it is due, writing only one draft, and submitting it is not the best practice. Racing against the clock leaves little to no time for revision. Those using this …


Happily Divorced

You hate it. Your current career is no longer exciting, perhaps it never was. You have lost the zeal to stick it out and you are stuck in a daze of routine. At some point in everyone’s life, they will …


Cabin Fever - What Makes A Home

The home is more than just a house. The term has been redefined more recently — it’s a place of sanctuary. Throughout time and through different places, the mere construction that houses a familial …