Procrastination & Productivity

Francis King

Why do we wait until the last minute? Nothing hampers your productivity like not doing what you intend to do. As it turns out, procrastination is rooted in the same things that make up productive. We stop doing something when it becomes stressful, challenging or if there is tension around it. We try to avoid it as much as possible because it makes us uncomfortable. Productivity is driven by overcoming these challenges. How do we harness the power of productivity by embracing the things that cause procrastination?

Let’s get down to why we procrastinate. You might find that you delay small tasks that pop up every day or maybe are an extra step in a process that isn’t very significant, but it still needs to get done. The perceived value of that task is much lower than the benefits. This makes you less motivated to get it done because, in your eyes, it’s just not worth the effort. We feel this way about many mundane tasks because they are common nuisances. Then, we feel worse because we actively avoid devoting energy to these tasks. Sometimes, these “insignificant” tasks aren’t insignificant after all. If it’s on your mind all the time to get done, then bite the bullet and get it done. Doesn’t it feel better to get things done?


It all boils down to our mindset and how negative we think about this task. If you shifted your point of view from the effort and energy required to the benefits of being productive, you’ll get more done. This doesn’t mean that you need to check every box on your to-do list if the list isn’t practical. Always do your best to sort out your priorities. Make sure your immediate to-do list starts with the most urgent tasks.

You need to be able to separate the meaningless tasks from the important ones. Start with an old fashioned list if you need to evaluate the pros and cons of completing a task. You’ll find that some small tasks play an integral role in our daily habits. No one enjoys washing the dishes, but we all feel better when it’s done. The peace of mind that comes with scratching something off a checklist is important to boost your motivation. This is why we are told to make the bed at the start of the day. It sets up the rest of the day to be productive because we know we have accomplished one task on our chore list. That one step in the right direction and it only takes a few minutes.

Procrastination stems from avoiding potentially stressful situations. Few people would run head on to a situation where they are pressured. However, pushing yourself to change the way you approach these situations will allow you to limit stressing over a potentially stressful situation. Spending time building tension won’t do anyone any good.

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