Scripting Sales

Julia Clementson

Do you need a sales script? That depends on your skills as a salesperson. Sales are, without a doubt, a vital component in commerce, but everyone is not a natural at selling. It traditionally took a charismatic presence to capture a prospect’s attention, but with the increasing intelligence of the average consumer, selling is much more complicated.

Some argue that selling is a skill that can’t be taught. Perhaps, they are right, but it is a skill that can be learnt. It might not a skill that can be reduced to pure theory and taught like any subject in school, but that doesn’t mean that someone can’t learn through experience. This is where a sales script comes into play.

A sales script has evolved from the classic (and much hated) call center script that was read over phone lines to unsuspecting victims. They are the training wheels someone needs to master the skill. They form guidelines and show protocols to be taken for specific responses. These formulas are in constant use with technology.

Chatbots and automation frequently use sales scripts. The main difference is that the script has been adapted to suit modern consumption. Most online customers consume content by reading. Even with the rise of video, reading is still prominent. However, a good sales script forms a guide and doesn’t require a specific medium or mode of consumption.

Some social media platforms like Facebook have chatbot integrations. Companies like Hubspot offer automated chatbots to drive “conversational marketing”. Sales funnels use another variation of a sales script that adjusts to the prospects’ reactions as do email sequences. Sales scripts have taken on a new life, but it is now primarily with automation and bots.


In a time when sales have a monotonous approach because of automation, applying a human touch has its benefits. Automation can only do what you tell it to do, but a person is much more flexible. A person comes with emotion, experiences and empathy. These three things can help draw a tangible connection to a prospect. All a sales script will do is reinforce a strong strategy behind using these attributes.

A good sales script comes from comprehensive market research that determines your ideal market, creates buyer personas, and then creates templates to react to common questions and concerns. Not only is it a process that boosts sales, but it helps the salesperson understand how their ideal buyer thinks. It makes it easier to identify these buyers and how to speak to them.

Developing a good sales script is key to building confidence in sales personnel. A sales script won’t (and can’t) guarantee immense sales. It works as an aid for current personnel to hone their communication skills. The improvement of these skills will be the determining factor in an increase in sales. If an actor doesn’t follow the script for a film, then the scriptwriter can’t be at fault. But, a good sales script is something sales personnel should be comfortable with. The language and tone should match that of the company’s brand, but also play to the strengths of sales personnel.

There is no set template for a sales script, but it is best when drafted by someone with experience in marketing and sales copywriting. Adapting and interpreting research is a key part of this. A good sales script can turn the most inexperienced salespersons and turn them into seasoned closers if followed and adapted properly.

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