This Is How Your Website Sells

Julia Clementson

So your website looks good, but how does it sound? The right kind of copywriting masterfully tells a story that takes your audience from getting to know you to buying your product and living happily ever after. Maybe that sounds too good to be true, but it is only done by a skilful hand.

Copywriting gets mistaken for traditional persuasive writing. While they both have similar goals, copywriting is about appeal and selling. Even if your product is free, you are selling. You have a little more artistic freedom because copywriting allows you to break the rule to get your point across as quickly as possible. Also, your copywriting needs “hooks” to pull readers and direct them. When you look at copywriting this may, it is much closer to poetry than a persuasive essay.

The rhythm and pacing of copy are just as important as the choice of word. Winding back and forth between long and short sentences, while counting the pace, will allow readers to feel immersed in the copy. Sudden breaks and short intersections add drama and can highlight the main points of the copy. The flair of creating a rhythm with words is more poetic than merely convincing.


Like poetry, rich words pull more weight. While copywriting—and selling—greatly benefits from the introduction of social proof, words that vividly pull at a human’s emotional and psychological triggers will be incredibly effective. Making note of how your offer can enrich lives and then building on that connection to your audience will convert leads. Copywriting is only effective when it appeals to people.

Everyone has different emotional needs and psychological ticks. Copywriting is at its best when it is done to match your target audience. The unfortunate part of marketing is how many businesses are unaware of their ideal targets, so the information passed on to copywriting is flawed. If you’re painting a picture with red and displaying it in front of an audience that loves blue, then expect unfavourable reviews.

Your leads are those who would have passed through a funnel of some sort. This lets you know they are interested in your offer. All you need to do is commit them to make a purchase. The traffic on your website should come from your ideal target and your copywriting should inspire them enough to want more.

Selling is the priority for all copywriting, but that doesn’t mean that duty tricks are on the table. The emotional appeal shouldn’t leave your audience panicked or frustrated. Those negative emotions will be what they associate with your business. Think carefully about the lasting impact you want your copywriting to have. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but the right words create visceral reactions.

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