What Do You Want To Sell?

Lana Hunt

Are you trying to publish a stylish website or sell your flagship products? Do you want your copywriting to take center stage or do you want to your visual brand to do all the talking? People say pictures are worth a thousand words, but are you sure your style is giving the full picture? The truth is that website design and copywriting goes hand-in-hand. Here’s why:

1. Collaboration Is Dynamism

Have you tried fitting a square peg in a round hole? Well, that’s what your website looks like when the contents aren’t working with each other. A website is a collection of media, and when each element contributes to a larger aim, it shows proper intent and strategy. This dynamism is a well-crafted collection of information. It will be much more pleasing to the eye.

2. Visuals Grab Attention, Copywriting Seals The Deal

It’s much easier to get someone’s attention with a bold color than with plain text. If you combine the two, you’ll get the best duo you could hope for. Using the right visual breaks, arrangement and media will direct your targets to key areas on your website. This is where your copywriting shines. Your visual media can reiterate the qualities you can offer, but your words will seal the deal. Your words will be able to convert those who are “just looking” to those who are ready to take action.


3. Organisation Is Harmony

A text-heavy website isn’t appealing to most, but having a well-organized structure will break text into digestible sections. This makes your website less intimidating to engage with. Your target can scan through it quickly to get a feel for who you are or take their time to comb through it. Call-to-actions (CTAs) will be prominent and work with your copywriting.

4. Representation Matters

Analogies and metaphors are used to make copy seem understandable and relatable. Having visual cues to represent your copy will only reinforce your copy and help you drive home your point. Even if you are explaining a complicated process, the right visual cues can simplify the process to make it easier for your targets to understand. Better yet, this makes your website much more accessible.

These four explain the connection between our words and the way we present ourselves visually. They all have a hand in us connecting to our target audience.

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