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Writing To Sell

Copywriting is a skill few have and even fewer have mastered. It’s about being able to convince customers and make them believers in whatever is being sold. To add to the challenge, copywriters must be able to do this as quickly as someone scans over the text they write. Copywriting surely isn’t a simple feat.

Yet, it seems effortless. Good copywriting doesn’t sound jilted because it’s refined. The buttery text companies need to sell their products comes from experience and expertise that only a few have. It’s an easy read because it was crafted with meticulous care and executed perfectly. Good copywriting starts with a good structure. Knowing what needs to be sold and to whom you are selling is the most crucial part of copywriting.

It’s unfortunate that some businesses have yet to identify their ideal target. Or worse, their brand messaging is muddied. Something clean and simple always does the trick. With all the noise about “building relationships” with customers, some businesses aren’t sure how to go about do just that. Talking to them in a way that’s engaging is a good start. This doesn’t mean publishing a diatribe on your website or rants on social media.

Some are under the impression that a copywriter is just about anyone who can string a few words into a coherent sentence, but that is far from the truth. When you can do something well, you can do it with ease and you can do it quickly. You can only master a skill after you’ve practiced it many times. Learning through experience is a powerful tool.

Does that mean you need a copywriter to create every headline, tagline, or social media ad for everything you will ever publish? No. Small businesses don’t always have the luxury of finding or hiring talent for every project. Startups need to make do with small budgets and limited personnel. Good copy shares a few similar principles like “keep it simple” and “be direct”, but what does that really mean?

Simplicity is relative. And so is the “directness” of the copy. It is fair to assume that this really means that the structure and explanations should be easily read. Good copywriting tells a story. A story progresses from the introduction to a series of events and finally to the conclusion. This is the basis of your copywriting structure. First, you introduce something (a product, a service, yourself or a problem). Then, you develop your introduction by explaining who has a relationship with your first point. This can mean outlining who is affected by the problem introduced, who is your ideal client, who is in need of a product or service. Lastly, discuss the consequences of the second point. How are people benefiting from a product or service? How problems be solved? How can you help your clients?

It’s not an extravagant structure. It’s simple and it’s used practically everywhere from website copy to social media captions, but it works. Making sure your brand messaging is easy to consume will ensure that it is a fixture in everyone’s mind.

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